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Finding a family law lawyer is never an easy task. In addition, if you need the services of a family law lawyer, chances are you’re already in a high-stress situation. Maybe you’re thinking, “Just find me the cheapest divorce lawyer near me.” However, this is the wrong mindset. You need experience. You need skill. Call The Cimino Law Firm in Rochester, NY. Whether you’re looking for a child support and custody lawyer for a family case or an employment law attorney, there’s one place to go. In other words, The Cimino Law Firm should always be your first stop.

The Cimino Law Firm has over 20 years of experience in family and employment law. Attorney Michelle Cimino is a tough and dedicated family law lawyer. In addition, she’s a skilled employment law attorney and child support and custody lawyer. Attorney Michelle Cimino is one of the best family and employment lawyers you can find, not to mention a top divorce lawyer near me in Rochester, NY. She’ll work with you through every step of your case, from consultation all the way to the final decision.

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Divorce Lawyer Near Me

You can’t just say “Hey Google, find me the cheapest divorce lawyer near me” and expect to get solid results. About half of the marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. If that happens to you, you need a family law lawyer to fight for what’s yours. You don’t want to let your spouse walk all over you during divorce proceedings. You need to choose a divorce lawyer that will get you the outcome you deserve. It’s an emotionally charged time. Picking the right family law lawyer will give you the peace of mind you need right now. In short, pick The Cimino Law Firm to take care of your divorce or separation. You’ll thank yourself later.

Child Support and Custody Lawyer

As a child support and custody lawyer, Michelle Cimino knows these cases are some of the most excruciatingly difficult situations in family law. Some lawyers may consider assets or spousal support the most important part of a divorce. However, Attorney Michelle Cimino is not the average family law lawyer. She places special emphasis on child support and custody hearings, making sure that her clients get the outcome they deserve. As a result, many of her former clients have spoken highly of her skills in testimonials. Child support and custody cases are usually extremely emotional and stressful times. Don’t let yourself get sucked in. Let the experience and skill of The Cimino Law Firm work for you.

Attorney Michelle Cimino has experience fighting for father’s rights. Too often, courts leave fathers by the wayside in child custody cases. However, The Cimino Law Firm has years of experience fighting for the rights of fathers to see their children. Don’t end up in a situation where you’re estranged from your own children. In short, you don’t want to see your kid just two weekends a month. Attorney Michelle Cimino doesn’t want that either. Choose the family law lawyer that you can depend on for aggressive and tenacious advocacy. Choose The Cimino Law Firm.

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Employment Law Attorney

Each year in the U.S., thousands of employers threaten, harass, or discriminate against their employees. However, the majority of these cases don’t ever go to court. It’s not okay for employers to discriminate or harass their employees. However, its unfortunate that this still happens. Luckily, Attorney Michelle Cimino isn’t just a talented family law lawyer. In addition, she’s a skilled employment law attorney as well. She has over a decade of experience working in employment law, making sure that employers are held accountable if they harass or abuse their employees. If you have been harassed or abused by an employer, don’t hesitate. Call The Cimino Law Firm today.


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I have used Cimino law throughout my divorce and with all the child support and visitation battles that occurred after.... read more

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I have used Cimino law throughout my divorce and with all the child support and visitation battles that occurred after.... read more

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