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Child Support and Alimony

child support and alimony wayne county ny

Child Support and Alimony Wayne County, NY

It’s not an easy task to find the best “child support lawyer near me” by simply searching online. You want to find the best attorney for child and spousal support. It can set the tone for the rest of your life as you move forward. As a result, you need the top spousal support attorney from a seasoned child support law firm in the Wayne County, NY area. You need The Cimino Law Firm.

Determining child and spousal support is an important is an important part of the separation process. It’s a way to make sure that you and your former spouse are supporting your child equally. In addition, it’s also the best way to ensure your child has the highest possible quality of life after you and your spouse separate. Alimony is similar, except it determines your own quality of life in the future. Attorney Michelle Cimino has the experience you need. She’ll make sure that you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Child Support Lawyer Near Me

Some people think they can just use an online child support calculator to figure out their payments. Or they think they can just Google “best child support lawyer near me” and pick whoever comes up to win their case. However, determining child support can actually be very complex. Factors like your tax information, your spouses’ income, and even your child’s standard of living before your divorce can affect the outcome. There’s no calculator in the world that can figure that out for your specific scenario. To that end, you need an attorney specializing in child and spousal support.

Attorney Michelle Cimino has years of experience as a child and spousal support attorney. In addition, she is highly regarded by former clients in testimonials. As a result, she’s one of the best child and spousal support attorneys you can hire in the Wayne County, NY area. She can handle your case with skill, tenacity, and determination.

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Spousal Support Attorney

Sometimes spousal support takes a backseat to child support. But it’s an equally important part of a separation. Spousal support helps maintain your quality of life. As a result, you can provide a better life for your son or daughter. Hiring the right spousal support attorney is an important part of the child and spousal support process. It can be a make-or-break moment that can have serious repercussions on your future quality of life.

That’s where Attorney Michelle Cimino comes in. She’s one of the premier child and spousal support attorneys in the Wayne County, NY area. She’ll work tirelessly to win your case. She has over a decade of experience and skills across a wide array of legal fields. In addition, she specializes in child and spousal support law. Therefore, attorney Michelle Cimino is the first choice for anyone who needs a child support or spousal support attorney. It’s the kind of superior work you can expect from The Cimino Law Firm.

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Child Support Law Firm

The Cimino Law Firm is a full-service child support law firm. As a result, the firm will stand by your side from the beginning of the legal process until your case is resolved. Attorney Michelle Cimino will work with you to ensure you get the outcome you deserve for your child and spousal support case. The future well-being of your family is at stake. You need to make sure you have the best on your side.

Your legal problems will not go away if you ignore them. Therefore, you need to take action. Call Attorney Michelle Cimino today for a free consultation. Or contact us online to learn more about child and spousal support in Wayne County, NY from a child support law firm, spousal support attorney, and child support lawyer near me.

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    Michelle and her firm is fantastic. She is personable, realistic, knowledgeable, and honest. She dealt with my matter in a... read more

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    Kailyn Van Slyke
    9/26/2019 - Facebook

    Michelle has been nothing but fantastic every single time I've used her. She knows the law and can usually anticipate... read more

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    I would like to retract my first review. It was my own issue with my email why I wasn't receiving... read more

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    I am a client that just finished my family court case. Michelle's very professional and knowledgeable. She made this court... read more

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    I definitely would recommend Michelle!!! She promptly explained everything to me that will happen! She also represented me for 3... read more

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    6/25/2016 - Google

    Wonderful experience! Very knowledgeable and attentive. Michelle truly looks out for your best interest and gains control of the situation.... read more

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    Stri Der
    3/16/2019 - Google

    This firm may not meet your most perfect expectations, but after all they were helpful.

    Jennifer Powers Avatar
    Jennifer Powers
    6/25/2017 - Google

    Michelle Cimino at The Cimino Law Firm, PLLC practices Divorce Law and Employment Litigation. When going threw a tough time... read more

    Devin Vosburgh Avatar
    Devin Vosburgh
    3/07/2016 - Facebook

    I have used Cimino law throughout my divorce and with all the child support and visitation battles that occurred after.... read more

  • Tom DeMay Avatar
    Tom DeMay
    5/02/2017 - Facebook

    Very professional, knows the courts and what she is doing. While understanding the emotions, she can help separate the emotions... read more

    Geoff Martin Avatar
    Geoff Martin
    6/25/2017 - Google

    Michelle is an excellent attorney - I would highly recommend her to anyone facing a family law issue. I hired... read more

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    louies life
    8/17/2019 - Google

    very professional and serious. i felt like michelle had my back the whole time. losing the case was not even... read more

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    Cortney kidd
    6/25/2017 - Google

    All issues we're resolved and we are satisfied

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    terryann finny
    6/25/2017 - Google

    Michelle Cimino represented me in an extremely difficult, complex and challenging custody case. In fact, I had gone through several... read more

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    John Mertsock
    5/25/2019 - Google

    So far so good. Great communication, professional, fair, realistic, understanding and aggressive. Highly recommended.

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    Laney Bond
    6/25/2018 - Google

    I highly recommend Michelle Cimino.I found Ms. Cimino to be highly knowledgable, ethical and honest. Her office is accessible and... read more

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    Tricia Cicero
    12/25/2018 - Google

    Professional and caring. Michelle made it as simple as possible to help alleviate my worries. I always felt... read more

    Kailyn Van Slyke Avatar
    Kailyn Van Slyke
    8/14/2019 - Google

    Michelle has been nothing but wonderful with my custody case. I found that many other lawyers were easy to fold... read more

  • John Cimino Avatar
    John Cimino
    8/16/2017 - Google

    Michelle is a hardworking, honest lawyer that knows her way around the courthouse!

    Jean-Claude Adams Avatar
    Jean-Claude Adams
    6/25/2017 - Google

    Ms Cimino handling a complex breach of employment case involving international entities that was under a control by a domestic... read more

    Devin V. Avatar
    Devin V.
    5 star rating
    9/27/2015 - Yelp

    I have used Cimino law throughout my divorce and with all the child support and visitation battles that occurred after.... read more

  • Jim E Avatar
    Jim E
    8/27/2019 - Google

    I highly recommend Michelle Cimino .The Cimino law firm helped me out of a very difficult Divorce... read more

    Pat LaMarche Avatar
    Pat LaMarche
    1/25/2019 - Google

    Seeking for a divorce lawyer was something I was dreading. They all seemed like I was bothering them. ... read more

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    Dale Engel
    5/25/2019 - Google

    Michelle went above and beyond to settle what should have been a simple non-contested divorce but ended up being a... read more

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